I was born to do this work. For as long as I can remember my eye has traced the letterforms, logos, shapes, and colors that permeate my world. I have childhood memories of contemplating the honesty and effectiveness of the trucking company logos that passed by my car window on I-5 during family road trips.

As a teenager, I discovered skateboarding and punk rock, two worlds rich in visual language. It was in these counter culture environments where the foundations of my aesthetic and world view were laid. It is also where my love of photography sprouted, resulting in my first published work. It was through skateboarding I came to understand that brands had personalities, and that the graphics they used could define and communicate emotional qualities and character.

After high school, I played bass in punk bands, making 7-inch records and touring in the van. I studied information technology at UCSD and went to work in a soulless cube. I was good at the work, but found it creatively unfulfilling. Shunning the world of Dilbert, I returned to photography, working first as an assistant, and eventually shooting my own jobs. My photography career took me around the world making pictures for the likes of Time and RedBull and creating three books on the art and culture of tattooing.

In 2009 I succumbed to the siren song and returned to school determined to learn the craft of graphic design. I graduated from San Diego City College in 2013 and won the photography category at the AIGA/SD student portfolio review. What began as a fascination has blossomed into full-blown obsession. I can’t get enough. I currently work as a graphic designer, a photographer, and an art director for for national and international brands and publications. The convergence of these mediums work to support one another in a role I like to call Visual Communication.